Hello 2023!

Here’s what’s happening with the Chamber:

Thursday, May 4, 2023 – Scholarships Awarded
Saturday, October 28, 2023 – Hinckley Halloween
Saturday, December TBD, 2023 – Happy Hinckley Holidays

Second & last chance to get 2023 made-to-order Buzzard Day sausage.

If you missed the original deadline or just want to order more, we need to have a 100-pound minimum order. That’s twenty (20) 5-lb boxes. Minimum. Each box costs $45. Include your email and phone number to receive pickup instructions. If we do not generate enough orders to make the minimum, your money will be refunded. Click the image to order.
Buzzard Sausage

Thank you 2023 Buzzard Day Volunteers

AAA Medina, Nancy Abbott, Eric Arnholt, Monique Ascherl, Melissa Augustine, Laura Baciu, Sydney Bartel, Annetherese Biesiada, Tim Blaine, Kristi Boleman, Jane Carsten, Wayne Carsten, David Centner, Dale Chorba, Coco Cafe, Patty Colvin, Beth Crosley, Deana & Patrick Dolan, Cynthia Engleman, Pat Fordosi, Christian Foth, Jacob Foth, Erik Fredmonsky, Joe Gendron, Vickie Getz, Kelly Gratzer, Hinckley Fire Department, Hinckley Police Department, Hinckley Women’s Club, George Hoose, Connie Huth, Tabby Kay, Denise & Kevin Klag, Bernadet Kobor, Alyssa Kovacs, Carol Kovacs, Stephanie Kovacs, Case Kowalsky, Jake Kowalsky, Joey Kowalsky, Michele Kowalsky, Victoria & Sammy Kuczynski, Diane Kuntz, Alison & Dennis Kuzma, Patty Lafontaine, Michele Lee, Dennis Liccardi, Heather Liccardi, Becky Lutzko, Phoebe Lutzko, Julie Mainzer, Cecilia Mainzer, Doug Mainzer, Melinda Mallari, Nancy Mandilakis, David & Ruth Ann Manley, LINDA MCGALL, Ellie Mead, Jacqueline Merker, Joel Mille, Austin Mims, Mike Minch, Judy Ogrin, Becky Overcasher, Amber Peluso, Allie Pepera, Shawn Pepera, Jillian Pesek, Blake Pracko, Pracko’s Landscaping, Chad Riffle, Georgia Rupert, Karin Rupert, Leslee Sambor, Thomas Schrader, Missy Schreiner, Boy Scout Troop 511, Cub Pack 3520, Jeff & Haley Schuster, Mark Shick, Catherine & Joe Simonis, Randy Simonis, Bob Springhetti, Mark & Gayle Staron, Mark Staron II, S&S Heating & Cooling, Christine Stell, Trish Strazar, Kevin Swan, Ruby Swan, Mike Turk, Marissa Stupecki, Matthew Stupecki, Steve Stupecki, Jack & Colleen Swedyk, Tracey Szczesniak, Benjamin Szerpicki, Tara Szerpicki, Frank Tomaro, Cristina Vomero, Chris Wolny, Natalie Zidd

This doesn’t include the individual names of all the scouts and others who showed up who weren’t on the signup. Please email info@hinckleyohchamber.com to add names.

This is a significant number of people giving their time to welcome Buzzard Day visitors. Our volunteers’ time and energy are priceless!

New Suite of Benefits for Chamber Members

Now Hinckley Chamber members have access to premium discounts and preferred pricing for an array of business services and employee benefits. Check out the program here.